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Altoids Survival Kit

  How To Customize Your Altoids Survival Kit


  My Kit items list:

Paracord 550 bracelets (parachute cord = 550 lbs) made by LaVelle Security/Survival Gear *contact me for more info. if you would like one made for you.
Set: 2 paracord bracelets & 1 paracord keychain

Neutral Colors $20
Solid Color $7.50
Black & White $20

a whistle 



band aids

knife/ mini leatherman

matches * strike anywhere

mini lighter

aluminum foil


nail clippers

hair bands

dental floss

dental pick

tooth picks

cotton swabs

alcohol wipes

  ace bandage

safety pin

paper clip

needle & thread

small antibiotic cream


salt & pepper packet

fish hook & line

(I place the whole box in a zip closure heavy duty bag and put it in my fanny pack)

Mylar Blanket

  I also has some other items, like a lens(only) from a broken pair of glasses.


Clean water tablets
A Fold up Cup- this one is metal, but mine is plastic.
And that would be pretty much it.

Thanks for following along :D

I also have a car "tackle box" filled with this stuff too and it stays in the trunk until it is needed. And there are some bungee cords, napkins and fork packets.

I've had one of these in the car since my children were babies. It was a good thing as we lived out of town quite a ways.




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