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6 Simple Home WI-FI Tips

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Just a quick story.
I was picking up the bedroom one day this week and something really strange, creepy and odd happened. And if "C" wasn't at the door way when it happened, then I would have thought that I was loosing my mind.

It happened like this...
The computer had been shut down hours before and all of the sudden the darn thing turned on. Yes, you read that right! It turned it's self on without any human contact.

"C" and I looked wide eyed at one another and then we were both creeped out and I made an awful noise, while asking her if she had seen that just now. Then we both gave a nervous laugh out loud.

No more than a minute later the darn thing shut it's self back off. Now we were more creeped out than before! We checked over the machine. I asked "C: if that had ever happened to her computer before. She shook her head and said, "No!" and "what about the phone, tablet or laptop?" But she answered, "NO" again.

Ok so now I am over the freaked out part and think that we may have been internet jacked or had some one hack in. So I found this article online and thought I would pass it along to you, Dear Readers. 

I do remember this happening on that show "The X-Files " with Mulder, David Duchovny, and Sculley, Gillian Anderson, where they were in a hotel and Sculley's computer came on by it's self. Ok, now that gives me bigger creeps!!!!!!  That, I think was a Govt hack, if I am not mistaken. So I decided to implement these easy 6 tips in the above link!
Stay safe.

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