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100 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

How is everyone doing?I came across this article in Blog lovin' and had to share it, well, the first 13 Questions are here and you can follow the links below for the rest.

I read through these questions and really liked most of them. Some I could answer quite easily, while others took time and contemplation. I'm going to do the 100 days to answer these 100 questions. Join me won't you? We may just learn something!

"100 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

  By Shannon Kaiser
March 7, 2015 6:00 AM EST

 If you're searching for more meaning and connection in your life these, powerful questions can help. You can even choose one question a day for 100 days of happiness and personal growth." link
 I've posted up the first 13 of 100 Questions...

1. Where is my heart guiding me?
2. What do I need to say that others have left unspoken?
3. Are there any skills or talents I'm not utilizing?
4. What is my personal blind spot; what have I been unwilling to look at?
5. Where have I been worrying too much about what others think?
6. What new patterns and habits can I invite into my life?
7. Where have I been more focused on how I look, rather than how I feel?
8. What concerns am I willing to release?
9. What am I committed to changing?
10. What is my body craving?
11. What commitments to my self can I honor?
12. What new habit can I start?
13. How do I want to feel?
please click here for the rest of the 100 questions and some great advice 
  By Shannon Kaiser

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