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Comprehensive Blog Guide

The New Year brings on a new schedule! A more flexible schedule for me and a comprehensive guide for you! Hope this works for all of us!!

Sunday Special- Things that lift up the spirit in you! And Book Reviews!
Monday Mayhem - anything goes blogging! Decorating, Upcycling, Informational, Pets, Gardening, Trips, Sight Seeing, etc.
Tuesday Beauty - Makeup, Hair, Nails and Beauty tutorials & videos, In The News
Wednesday - What to Wear- Helpful suggestions, Collections, Sets, In the News, Fashion, Styling.
Thursday- Creative Thursdays- My Creative Blog Day. Photo Tutorial/visual blog for fun products to try, items to make, my personal jewelry designing days!
Friday Foods - Recipes, Food Blogging and Restaurant Reviews.
Saturday Projects - Projects, Tutorials, Videos for weekend projects indoors and outdoors.

Subjects may change and may be added as I love your feedback! Thanks for joining me!
Many Blessings to You!

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