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A Christmas to Remember

5th e.l.f. Cosmetics ~Brushes & Tools Review

e.l.f. Cosmetics ~Brushes & Tools Review
I have purchased the following products for review: 

Travel Mirror A perfect mirror duo that fits in the palm of your hand nicely. Great to slip in your bag for touch ups on the go! $1.00ELF Travel Mirror 1701 in stores onlyTotal Face Brush  A nice brush with red colored hairs for easy identification. I chose this particular brush do to the color as I have a blush brush the same size. Some bristles fell  out the first few time using it, but now, they are all intact. Fine brush easy on the face.
$1.00Eye Sponge 1808 ELF Smudgee.l.f. in stores only Smudge Eye Sponge  I really like this product. I'd not tried a smudge brush in this shape and I do like it better than the angled one. It can be used on the edge or on the flat or on the tip. Great product. Easy to clean.
$1.00e.l.f. Total Face Brushe.l.f. in stores only
I love this brand! It is affordable and great quality!Stay with me while I review more e.l.f. products t…

ARTistic Tales Group Invitation

Happy Holidays with Yemmy Made Accessories

January 2015 Calendar

You WILL Dance Again.

You WILL Dance Again. by cjd-sign featuring flower trees
 A set for ME!!
I know that "All Things Are Possible for Those Who Love God!"
And I can walk, so I will dance again.
I may have to wait till Heaven, but I Will Dance For Him!! Amen!
Blessings to You all who dance within your hearts!

Certainly, everyone's lives on hope and faith. We put faith in God and hope He will give us His love by which everything possible. Hope on God never fails.

*Blue Green *

Love it!

Holiday Chic

New Year's Eve Party Style

New Year's Party Style!

New Year's Party Style!

ARTistic Tales

2015 New Year's Eve Party!

Get in Touch...

Trust Jesus

Trust Jesus by cjd-sign
What a pretty way to Celebrate the Season of the Birth of Christ Jesus!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!
God's Blessing,

2015 New Year's Eve Party!