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Scenic Drive Horsing Around...

Winter is just up on the mountains! The leaves have almost dropped off the tree around town.

We will be heading to the mountains for a photo shoot early in November! I hope to have some beautiful shots to share!
Thank You for coming along!
Blessings to you!

Amethyst ~ Love Me Ad

Love Me by cjd-sign featuring an Emerald Cut Amethyst in Blue/Purple by Matt A. Dunkle
Amethyst 0.63 ct Mixed Emerald Cut

Black & White Cute Pumpkin & Fall Decorating Ideas

How cute is this pumpkin Monogram idea! Just use black marker and ribbon and accent(spider). Too Cute and too easy! And if you are a gardener, "Lumina" variety pumpkins are awesome to grow!
For more ideas (10 ideas from click link above.  
I like the first one in this series of "10 no-cut pumpkin ideas".

 More cute Halloween decorations. black and white pumpkins!
 Oh my gosh! These are too cute! Love the look and ease of this project. And the Ideas are limitless. Lace, black leaves and white & black paint are all that is needed!

 This White Decor Pumpkin with Paper Flowers is from Baby Loving Mama (see Kara's link above for other links). An Awesomely CUTE Pumpkin idea for Halloween or Autumn Decor!

The Black & White striped beauties come from Kara Cook of Creations by Kara
I just adore these ideas! And since today is Sunday and I like to fun bl…

Happy Birthday to you Nate!

Happy Birthday to you Nate!
Happiest Birthday to my Wonderful Stepson!! May the sun always shine on you and may our Lord God always light your way! We love you!! CJ, Dad & Grandma Mary

Denim Days

Riveted Denim Blue Jean/Waist Overalls have been around since the late 1800's when  Levi's® jeans Company made the first Blue Jeans in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. These jeans were made for the worker. They were riveted bib overalls and held up to the rigorous wear and tear of daily work. And they were not called "jeans" like they are today. They were "Riveted Work Pants" and they were not for the ladies but for only the men. 

"Sometime during 1873, the first riveted clothing was made and sold. cost: $1.25. Brand new. (the exact date was lost along with the company records in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire)." from by Amazon.LINK

With Levi Strauss holding the only patent for 20 years, these riveted work jeans caught on like wild fire through the working class. They became the "uniform" in the day. Rugged and sturdy jeans became popular with the "Baby-Boomers", of which I am a member, coined …

Fall DIY Fix Ups for Your Home Decorating

Fall DIY Fix Ups for Your Home Decorating I have to say that I absolutely LOVE FALL! It's the smells of pine and crispness in the air. It's the  colors of golden yellow, crimson reds, and bright orange leaves that fall from the trees. It's coolness in the air and the smells of wood fires burning. It's the time of year for casseroles and pumpkin pie, pumpkin breads and muffins.And it is the season to layer the inside of your home with blankets, throw rugs, curtains, and bring in the space heaters. I enjoy the colors of fall and change the Tuscany Style of my living room a bit more seasonal.How to make Mason Jar ArrangementTie a seasonal ribbon around a large mouth mason jar. Put dried oasis into jar. Stick in flower, berry, pumpkin,and leaf picks. Your done!How to make Paper Covered CandlesFirst pick paper for your decor. I picked wood design for my Fall Decorations.Lay paper face down and place candle at corner edge. Mark top of candle line with pen. Cut on line accord…