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Trending Now...Full skirts

The full skirt is trending now for this fall and winter. And style editors on the net are commenting again on clothing making a comeback, fuller and longer skirts are no exception.
The skirt lengths are from ankle to calf, knee to mid leg, to mini skirts.
The full skirt is a true girly style.
These skirts and dresses are either very full, circular, gathered or full. The styles are sassy & classic.

I really love this feminine style.

 This style seems to come and go, but ultimately it stays in fashion, each time with more styles and colors. Bold colors and Neutrals, Black & White are always a mainstay in the closet. Top it off with a sweater, blouse, or layered look for the Fall Season and you'll be right in style!

Full Skirts For Fall

 More great styles and great prices....

 And with Home Coming right around the corner, you may want to consider a full gown or a mini gown, each with a full skirt.

 More great styles and great prices..LINK

DIY Easy Curtain Rod

Easy Curtain Rod. I found this tutorial on the web, but when saving the photos the link was not there. I will try to give credit to the original crafter of this project. If it is you, please notify me so I can give you the credit!  Great Idea. Fast one day project~

I like to sew new curtains and headers for any new home and there have been quite a few. I change decor around to fit the feel of the room and box up the items not in use. It makes for easy decorating and quick put away! This tutorial is great and a cheap way to make a quick rod. Of course you can use other spray paint colors and the ends can be knobs, or finials. I have even used bamboo stakes and painted PVC pipe for the rods~

I do the same organizing for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Spring & Fall decorations. I use crates to store the items and combine items in each genre for later use in decorating. I mark the ends with permanent marker for ease in locating.
sewing 101: curtains | Design*Sponge This is an easy w…


This journal post is about the situations I have found myself in during times of great stressful moving.
I can remember the many times (43)in which I have personally moved from location to location in my 49 years of life. And the one common factor in all these changes is God's loving support. Times of moving for me has always been viewed as an Adventure! A chance to start fresh, maybe a new job, new location, or even to get away from unpleasant memories.
UPDATE: A great article on before you move... LINK By the Frugal Mama

But this  post is for our adult children, who are moving to Colorado. I could not help but remember some funny things, not so funny when they were happening, that I wanted to share. Like dropping the keys in the fully loaded trunk of the car after everything was packed in the moving truck.
The apartment was cleaned and locked up tight. Prayer got us through. We got a hotel room for the night and could see things more clearly the following morning.

I …

Creative Day-photo update

Thursday isn't my usual Creative Day, but the sun was out for the first time all week and I got wrapping! At first I looked at the wire, beads and stones...
Then I looked through my photo collection...
And finally, I chose to work in copper and pearls.
I'll post photos when I finish!

I finished one project:

CJD Sign @CJDSignView more photos and videos