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What;s For Christmas Dinner??

Christmas time is a time for Family, Friends, Socializing, Reflection, Celebrating & Eating!
As Promised...
Here are my Favorite Foods for Christmas Celebrations. 
I change up recipes each year so no one gets bored, but keep those old standbys as they are too good to not enjoy at the holidays!

My Christmas Elf from 1965 made by my Grandmother Marion Constance, photo by CJD.Sign

*Note: Because we don't know who is coming to Dinner on Christmas, we make more food than usual to feed the hungry visitors! Please adapt your recipes accordingly for your own crew.
  •  Main Meat- Ham(This year the kids want it with Dr. Pepper, so it is a bit of a twist)

    As seen on: South Your Mouth

  • Delicious Sides
      Mashed Potatoes
Found on: PocketChangeGormet.com

      Green Bean Casserole

 I know this is an old standby, but all the kids love it!

Hot Broccoli-Cheese Dip

   This dip is great with flat or crusty breads or crackers! Delicious! And you can substitute cheese for cream cheese.   
 Deviled Eggs with ranch and bacon
A yummy alternative to the regular deviled egg recipe from "I Heart Nap Time".

       Dinner Roll
We use frozen yeast roll dough and make according to package directions.
  • Drinks *bought and chilled*
       Cranberry Ginger Ale 
       Sparkling Cider
  • My Favorite Holiday Dessert
            Death by Chocolate Trifle

Hubby's Favorite Holiday Dessert:
Mexican Wedding Cookies


to One and All!


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