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Happy Birthday Minion Style!

 A Happy Birthday Matt!!
Some of your friends dropped by to Celebrate with you!
Marshmallow Minions from Peeps, Iced with Blue Betty Crocker Cookie Frosting. Photo by CJD.Sign

 I know these little Minion guys are so popular, but they took the time out of their busy and crazy day to wish you a
                                    "Happy Birthday"!


 Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Matt. Happy Birthday to you!!!  And Minion More!!



 And this little guy wants to make sure you enjoyed all your Birthday Minions.
 And hopes you have a Happy Minion Birthday!
All Minion Cartoon Photos from Universal and FB Minion's Page.

Individual Minions with blue overalls. by CJD.Sign

Here is how I did the Minion Peeps on Matt's Birthday Cake!
Take 2 packages of Minion Peeps
Take Betty Crocker's Blue Cookie Icing
Take Spice Gum Drops
Take 1 German Chocolate Cake (I used Duncan Hines Cake and Icing)

Making the Minion's Overalls. I slightly kneaded the bag of Cookie Icing to make it run a bit easier. I cut just the very tip of the icing bag. Not at the designate spot, but closer to the tip to make the outline of the overalls.
Outline the overalls and make the strap on the side. Filling in after all Minion  Peeps are traced with overalls.
Next Cut the tip at the designated prenotched location. Further up the tube.  Fill in the overalls. The outline is the boarder. I found that going up and down in a continual flow worked best.
Individual Minions with blue overalls. by CJD.Sign

Let them set while you bake the cake.
They will harden up  and be easy to pick up and place where you want them.

When cake is done and still warm, Ice it. Yes, when it is still warm. You want the icing to be a bit gooie to stick the Minions onto. I just used a blob of the blue Cookie Icing to keep them in place.

The final thing is to put up the spice gum drops. And wa la ! Done~
I did not use all the Minions that I decorated, some were rejects and those had to be disposed of...YUMMMMMMM

 I would recommend using Piping Icing to write the name on the cake as the Cookie Icing ran quite a bit. Oh, and let it cool even more before adding the name. Just my suggestions. I know your cake will look just as cool as mine did! Enjoy!
And My BIG Kid Loved his Minions Cake!! by CJD.Sign

The Birthday turned out great and the big present was a Large 6gallon Wet/Dry Vac.  Appropriate for a party clean up, don't you think?!! Have Fun! We sure did!!
Blessings to you at this Festive Merry Christmas Time of the Year!!

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