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Hair Styles for Holiday Parties!

Hair is fun to style and play around with hairstyle looks. Here are a few of my favorite videos and some photos How-To's for those Holiday Parties that are coming up! Enjoy!
Our first Video is Zoella as she does 4 hair styles. LINK  for original format. My favorite in this video is the "Banded Chignon"*photo how tos on this link.
 This is the Bridget Bardot Hair half up teased with a hair bump or dark rolled up sock. Looks great! Curl it first for best fullness!

 Having a bit of trouble online this evening, so do bare with all these changes and goof ups! Thanks ahead of time.


 So for this look above, just click the link. Thanks!
Still having trouble inserting the videos, will keep trying anyways!
Have a great time at your Holiday Party!
Blessings to you at Christmas Time!

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