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A Guest Blog I just had to post: Johanna's Blog on Gingerbread Cookies

As Seen On: Johanna's Blog

Too Soon? Not For My Chocolate Spice Gingerbread & Gingerbread S'mores Johanna's Blog:   

Johanna has such fabulous Gingerbread Cookies I just had to post them up for you! Please follow the links on Johanna's Blog for her translated Gingerbread and S'mores Recipes! This is an awesome way to enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate while listening to Christmas Music and sitting in front of the Christmas Tree on this very Christmas Eve! I hope you like these Gingerbread Cookies as much as I do!!

A big Thank You and Merry Christmas to you Johanna from all of us at CJD.Sign; Reader's and Blogger's alike!!
As Seen On: Johanna's Blog

Gingerbread is a favorite Christmas Time Treat all over the World!

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