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Trash to Treasure: Denim Jeans ~ Denim Days

as seen in: Pinterest

Trash to Treasure:

Denim ideas to re-purpose your old jeans.

as seen in: HGTV.com

 Overall tops for a cute window dressing! Link

as seen in: HGTV.com

Simply cut off the pocket add a scarf & silverware. Voila! Link

as seen in: HGTV.com

A pair of children's jeans is transformed into a tissue box holder.Link

 And look as these awesome ideas for jean re-purposing from Darlene Nemeth's post   Link 

as seen in: 36 Fun Projects from Old Denim Jeans

And for those kids & grand kids, here is a cute idea from Scarlett Clay @ Blue Purple & Scarlett Link   

as seen in: No-Sew Denim Treat Pockets


Well this post is sure packed with great ideas! I hope you linked up with the talented people who made all these projects. I am going to try a few for Christmas Gifts this year. I thank you for joining me and I will post up photos when I am done with Christmas gift giving... Enjoy!

  Link Backs:

Denim Days:  http://stylingwithcjdsign.blogspot.com/2014/10/denim-days.html

Have a Wonderful day! Blessings to you!

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