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Food In The Know

This is a subject that many of us feel strongly about. For years now, we have been given the choice in the local markets to purchase Organic foods. When it is "Organic" labeled, then it should have no pesticides, no enhancements, no hybridization, no waxes, and no chemicals.
If it is all possible, we suggest an organic garden in pots, raised beds or simply in the ground.
We have had fresh veggies as much as possible and freeze, can or dry as many as possible for the winter time and even through to the next growing season. It is important that we say that we do buy from the local markets, from the local Farmer's Markets, and from Whole Foods/Food Co-Op stores.
Fruit Trees are a good source to supplement the Organic Diet.
Inter-planting Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers, gives you a variety of foods and looks good too!

 And you can easily use your fall garden to decorate for the Fall Season!

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