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White after Labor Day

White After Labor Day!
White After Labor Day! by cjd-sign featuring ruffled shirts blouses, skirts, coats,capes, shoes, jewelry, YemmyMade.com Accessories, Winter White. Enjoy! CJD.Sign

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 So, who originally came up with "No white after Labor Day?"  Because Fashion Editors Said So. Before the great urban sprawl westward, the people who dictated fashion trends resided in New York - these were Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Fashion Elite.

According to http://www.barrypopik.com
" It’s not known when this “rule” began and many people do not follow it. The logic is that wearing white makes one cooler in summer; wearing black makes one hotter in winter.

“Wear white in summer” was cited in print in 1882. “Whatever else you wear, whatever other fashion you prefer, you will wear white this Summer” was cited in 1901. “The debutantes, as a rule, wear white this summer, with large, fluffy hats and white shoes” was written about Newport, Rhode Island, in 1902.

“It is in better taste not to wear white after Labor Day” was cited in print in 1947. “The tradition of no-white-after-Labor-Day on feet” was cited in 1949. “You never wear white after Labor Day” was cited in 1955. “Gone are the days when no one would wear white shoes after Labor Day” was cited in 1964."

White Full Skirt with Jacket

White in the Fall Colors
 So it seems to me that since 1964 it was decided to scrap this rule, why is it still around?  I do remember my mother telling me to, "Take off those white jeans! It's after Labor Day!"  So, I followed Her RULE. But have eluded to wearing white all year long. And I love the look; crisp, cool, clean.  Unless it is Italian food and red sauces. That makes it hard to keep your whites white.
White for the Bedroom!


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