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Pumpkins ~ Fall Around My Home


Winter Squashes & pumpkins grace this table scape.
It is the middle of October and I finally got the decorating bug.

 But in the mean time, I have been tying up herbs to dry and putting tomatoes on the window sills to ripen as our temperature dipped to freezing
Drying Herbs from MotherEarth.com

Drying herbs is relatively easy and a wonderful smelling bonus to any room they are dried in.
Rosemary, Peppermint & Thyme

Decorating double side hook & loop tape

I like to do the bulk of my drying in the kitchen, with little sprigs of mint throughout the house; bedrooms & bathrooms.

I started drying my herbs in 1996 when I moved to the Northeast United States. I love using my dried herbs through each following year and gathering again the succeeding fall. But this blog is about Pumpkins so, I have compiled some of the ideas we are using this season and hope you like what I have shared! Enjoy!
Pumpkin Candles (link) from Crafthubs.com

As for pumpkins!! I love Pumpkins! They cheer me up and give a brightness to the color theme around and in the house!
Pumpkins make great decorations.
We make pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and just started a new recipe from the web for breakfast muffins! LOVE THESE!

  The pumpkin pie recipe and crust recipe on Mother Earth News is exactly how I make my fresh pie. See links that follow.










Pumpkin Pie Tutorial with list and recipe  http://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/pumpkin-pie-tutorial.aspx#axzz3G3Mj7LhM

Pumpkin Pie Tutorial  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLd9vK3Jlpw

Pumpkin  bread is a favorite of mine, but Matt prefers more grain breads than fruit breads.
My Favorite Pumpkin Bread
Yummy Pumpkin Bread!

When the herbs were harvested, I put the cooking pumpkin up on top for an easy Fall Decoration!
Well, the hard work is done and the pumpkins are in, so it is time to keep decorating!
Thank you for coming along with me today! I'll have more blogs coming with more cool Ideas for decorating, cooking and crafting! Stay tuned!
Enjoy! And God's Blessing to you!

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