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New Gold Filigree Earrings from YemmyMade Accessories!

Green Agate Filigree Fans

Garnet Filigree Fans
Garnet Close Up
A beautiful new line of YM Earrings!

 Gold plated Filigree Earrings set with Green Agate and Red Garnets are an elegant addition to the YemmyMade Earring Line!

Check them out for sale on 

Garnet Filigree Circle Earrings

Garnet Filigree Marquise Earrings

Garnet Filigree Circle Drop Earrings

Garnet Filigree Star Earrings

I hope you are as excited about this new line of earrings at YemmyMade.com as I am! I love the lightweight, high quality, and luxury of these beautiful pieces!

Blessings to YOU today and everyday of your life!

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