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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

We wish our Canadian Followers Happy Thanksgiving!
Since this is Columbus Day in the United States of America and it is a Traditional Celebration in our home, I wanted to know more about the Thanksgiving Day in Canada that is celebrated on this day too! I found out that the first settlers had hard tack to eat, but most of the posting that I have read about this Thanksgiving day resemble our own U.S. Thanksgiving Day. We both do football, harvest celebrating, eat, eat lots, and celebrate thankfulness with family and friends.

So what is the difference between the two?
I found a blog that helps answer that question.
From Vox.com "The holiday officially commemorates the 1578 voyage of English explorer Martin Frobisher, whose ship barely survived the journey to what is today Canada. The crew gave thanks for surviving the trip, which became Thanksgiving." Blog Link
The blog featured is more of a discourse between Columbus Day and  Canadian Thanksgiving Day.  But my parents married on Columbus Day, so it is special in our home! And not for the carnaige that is spoke of in the much heated "Columbus" debate.

So enjoy your day!Have fun with family & friends! And eat enough to be satisfied, not overly!
 God Bless You All!
photo from http://sohp.com/happy-canadian-thanksgiving/

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