Hi There!

Good Bye Summer, HELLO Fall!

My Beautiful Fuchsia from my parents!
Hi, Sweet Friends,
I took a last photo look around the house to see how my veggies and herbs are doing in this cooler weather of October. All Moon photos in this blog are by Matt. A. Dunkle & all other photos on this post are by CJD.Sign.
Red Geranium
Pink Geranium
Peppermint in the Back garden
Our Huge Tomato Plants!
Tomatoes from the Left Plant
Tomatoes! from the Right Plant
We love to eat our fresh tomatoes! And due to the colder mountain air, we have to ripen our green tomatoes on the window sills of our home! And they smell great when ripening... and don't last as long as we would really like! We enjoy tomato sandwiches and pickled tomatoes, salsa and tomato sauce. But this year, there will be more sandwiches than anything canned!
Geraniums Pink

Geraniums Pink

Pink Roses and Rose Hips.
So these are the last of the blooms on the Geraniums and the Rose.  And we say goodbye to Summer!
The Bakery in Montrose, Down Town

And tonight is the Lunar(Blood Moon)Eclipse! The first 2 photos are from the front yard on the evening before the later eclipse.
The Moon just above the tree line and in the clouds.
A Beautiful Full Moon getting ready to travel Westward to become the Full Harvest  (Blood) Moon!
Lunar Eclipse Over Montrose, Colorado Photo by Matt A. Dunkle

Last night/this am at 3:00MT we went outside to see the "Harvest Moon" Lunar Eclipse and had a beautiful show! The moon shone bright in the Western Sky with a ring extending out from it.
During the Eclipse at half way point. The glow is from the clouds in our night sky.
 All Moon photos in this blog are by Matt. A. Dunkle
 The photos of the eclipse were taken before and during the Harvest Moon Eclipse Phase. The cloud cover makes these photos look blurry. They were not out of focus.
 Photo by Matt A. Dunkle  
Photo by Matt A. Dunkle  

The Last Phase of the Eclipse and the Brilliant Harvest (Blood) Moon!
Photo by Matt A. Dunkle  

The end of our show!
 We went in because we were too cold to stay for the second half and it was already an hour & 1/2 show! We say Hello to Autumn! Enjoy!

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