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Emily Post on Etiquette & Other Inputs

Emily Post: Photo Wikipedia

Emily Post was on the forefront of Etiquette since her book published in 1922. "When Mrs. Post's first widely known book, "Etiquette," was published in 1922, many of the existing handbooks of social usage presupposed wealth and elegance on the part of the reader." On This Day, September 27, 1960. 

Even though Emily Post died 4 years before I was born, through out my life, she has been an inherent mentor. Her "Rules or Guides" were a part of my daily life. My mother had instilled Mrs. Post's etiquette in table manners, letter writing, behavior, graciousness, and it is still with me today. 

"Elbows off the table" as I was taught, is not acceptable. Emily Post says, "The rule is against elbows on the table while eating. If not using the arm as a lever swinging a fork or spoon from plate to mouth, it really doesn't make much difference." LINK

Table Setting

Place Setting Diagrams
3 Ways to set your table

We used the "Casual Setting", as photo one above, at each of the three meals. And my step-mom told me that, "The knife is always placed blade facing the plate." Mrs. Post's Table Setting Guide is a useful tool in Home Etiquette/Dining.
Appetizers Table Setting
  I remember this is how I was taught and subsequently taught my children. Emily Post's Etiquette is woven thru my life. Her tips, ideas,suggestions and lessons have helped shape the woman I am today.

How to sew dinner napkins?

by Girl Inspired

A Tweet from Emily Post Institute:
Letter writing is now old school due to email.
 Letter writing for gift, Thank Yous and writing manners were a lesson following all holidays and that is still with me today.  LINK

 Graciousness is something learned and should be used daily, as life is a privilege and not just a birthright. 

And from her Book of Manners comes a comedy black and white film from 1962. LINK

*Behave Yourself (1962)

 -  Comedy | Short

Home | Everyday Manners articles on the Emily Post Institute Website.

Everyday Manners

*Emily Post: "Table Manners" 1947 10min

*High Tea

*1940 Tea Party (narrated)

*27 Etiquette Rules For Our Times

 A comprehensive guide to etiquette by Contributor from 

"Think about other people’s feelings first because it’s not all about maximizing your personal convenience", says Rob.

Of the 27 Etiquette Rules, I found each one to hold common sense and better manners than I have encountered in the past few years. With most everyone on the cell phone, it is difficult for those of us who don't use one to keep a conversation with someone texting. It is a matter of convenience for the one on the phone, but for the other person it is rude and annoying. Rob Asghar qued a group of friends to find these 27 newer Etiquette Rules for the times we live in today. I think they are an update on the manners of our parents age.

Emily Post on Holiday Hosting is a great example of how to survive a few things that come up when, for example, guests are late. Here is a comprehensive list of things you should do to be a Gracious, Considerate Host.

Holiday Host


 And my favorite comment is: "If the dinner is under or over cooked; Laugh and order Pizza"

But experts say that when eating pizza you should use a knife & fork.

That is all for now, but if you want more information, please click the Emily Post Institute LINK  and use the search to help find your topic or question!  Thank You for joining me today! Enjoy!

Blessings to YOU! 


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