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Donuts and Cakes...OH MY!!

What is it that turns us all into little kids when we see decorated donuts?
  1. You drool over the donuts case.
  2.  You breathe deeply when the case is opened.
  3.  You leave nose prints on the glass case.
  4.  You can't pick just ONE!
  5. You want the whole case, but realize it would just end up on the hips.
  6. You wonder where the holes are.
  7. You think to yourself, "how wonderful it smells."
  8. You bring them home on Sunday Morning!!! hint hint...
  9. You put the donut on your finger and eat it in the round.
  10. You never freeze donuts because there aren't any left!!
Sprinkles, nuts, chocolate, frosting, coconut, sugar, filled, maple, old fashioned cake, raised glazed, bizmarks, bear paws, twists, cinnamon buns, apple fritters, chocolate cake donuts, glazed, and cream puffs!! Oh there are more, but I could not put myself through more of this torture! 

I want a DONUT!! or two ?

Fruit Topped Sheet Cake with Whipped Icing

Who could resist this fabulous cake!
It has whipped Icing and fruit on top!
Here is how she decorates it for the final fruit toppers.And that pasty bag is huge!

All food photos taken by CJD.Sign
And when this beautiful cake is finished, it is topped with seasonal fruit and ready to eat!  
We so enjoy the local bakery at the City Market!

God Bless You! Enjoy!

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