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Creative Day ~ Copper Heart Pearl Earrings

Today was another Creative Day. I worked on earrings and in copper. I received some beautiful pink pearls this week and could not resist the urge to use them in a new design!

It was while hammering in this design that I remembered where I had seen a similar design before. I was given a gold heart like this design back when I was just 14 years old. It was a gift from Williamsburg, Virginia.

Though this design is simple looking, it took a bit longer than I'd hoped to pound out this pair. I am going to approach it a little differently next time. These earrings are for SALE $24.00. Email to MattDunkle@yahoo.com and just say new copper pink pearl earrings and you get them first!

I also whipped up two more pair of copper earrings just to finish off my Creative Day! I love Creative Days!

Copper Pearls

Close up

Absolutely LOVE These!!!

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