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CJD.Sign Style: A Look Inside DIY

When I think of my Design Style, I am Venician, Antique, Romantic, French, Old English and ME!
Design Favorites
 Old Books, Clocks, wood, printed art, flowery & berry perfume, antiques, white, and flowers all inspire my design creativity. I love gilded frames and classic music. I enjoy a cup of tea while reading a good book.
Welcome Home!

Gilded Frame from my Grandmother.

Lace curtains from my Mom.

Silks with interest. These have glittery snow.
When I look around at my home design, I am French Provencal, Romantic, Gardening, and Embellished.
Wedding Flower Corsage from My Girlfriend, Susan.
 I enjoy a peaceful home with colors that reflect my quiet countenance. With neutrals, white, & cream for the bedroom.

Angels are a Favorite!

Iris Vase by Lenox
Angels holding up a Venician Vase in the Living Area.
 Cabbage Roses, well most all roses are very appealing to me. I really enjoy having memories around.
An "Outdoor" metal Cross from Denver.
Beautiful Prints, Flowers & Iron Work
When I look back on my style life, I really see the evolution of a beautiful design style. In the 80's, I was so into Cornflower Blues, Roses, and Cream.
I have brought a bit of that style into my favorite and current decorating style.
Floral Wall Sconces

with decorative detailing.
An almost Dreamy decorating for my bedroom and a more Tuscany look for my living room.
Dreamy decorating
Dreamy decorating

Tuscany Wreath

Nest Close Up

 DIY Paper Covered Candles and Rod Iron

Hope you enjoyed my small tour through my design style today!  
Blessings to You,


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