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2014 Street Style Trends ~ White After Labor Day

The old saying went, "No white after Labor Day." Well, that is not the case in 2014 Fall Style Trends. White on White is in style after Labor Day.
The All White Look  from Glamourland
According to Cosmo, All White is quite impractical for even the most stain conscious wearers, but gives advice on how to pull off the White Look through out the year in this article by Carly Cardellino      LINK  Article dated September 2013, but still stands today in 2014.
Carly lists a guide by Stylist Robet Verdi of 10 tips for wearing specific articles of clothing, shoes and accessories in white. A great guide to have on hand.

After years of hearing "Don't ever wear white after Labor Day" times have changed. Today, it is stylish to wear all white, white pants with dark jacket, winter white coats and accessories after Labor Day. But be sure to wear nude undergarments while wearing white pieces, white undergarments tend to show through.
White After Labor Day
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Nothing looks more chic than an all-white coat. Stay warm in cold to sub-zero conditions with warm jackets for winter.
White After Labor Day!
Yes you can! And the times have changed where White, Winter White and White on White is acceptable after Labor Day!
Here are a few options and latest trends.
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