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This journal post is about the situations I have found myself in during times of great stressful moving.
I can remember the many times (43)in which I have personally moved from location to location in my 49 years of life. And the one common factor in all these changes is God's loving support. Times of moving for me has always been viewed as an Adventure! A chance to start fresh, maybe a new job, new location, or even to get away from unpleasant memories.
UPDATE: A great article on before you move... LINK By the Frugal Mama

But this  post is for our adult children, who are moving to Colorado. I could not help but remember some funny things, not so funny when they were happening, that I wanted to share. Like dropping the keys in the fully loaded trunk of the car after everything was packed in the moving truck.
The apartment was cleaned and locked up tight. Prayer got us through. We got a hotel room for the night and could see things more clearly the following morning.

I know of one situation where we packed the kids in the running car with the keys in the ignition and the heater on to keep them "safe & warm".  Yes, that was a call to the local automotive lock hotline.
And then there was the time that everything did not fit, so I put stuff in the canoe that was strapped up sided down to the top of my car that was on a car dolly being pulled by the Largest Truck I could find. Needless to say, nothing was in the canoe when I arrived at the new home.
Oh yes, I just remembered seeing these few photos online and laughing till I had tear rolling down my face.

And this one happens each time I move. No joke!

And this one is exceptional!! No, I have never gone this far.

And yes, I knew someone who wore maternity pants, as they were "comfortable" and he had a beer belly.

And then there is the stuff accumulated over all these moves that still has no "correct" box to be put in. And the stuff you know you will need once you have moved.

And that last bit of stuff that just did not fit in the truck that had to be jimmied into/onto the car. I have had a canoe on the top of mine...same car different color. :D
And the friends and family that help to move you/ or not. As I have found help almost every time I have had to make a move. But a few times on my own...and exhausting!
And rent the dolly for heavy items, like the couch, china cabinet, hope chest, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, etc...

But seriously, pack collectables and fragile things in the front of the truck and NOT on the bottom of heavy book boxes...yes, that happened to me. Nothing but broken china in the box when unpacked. And NO, I did give special instructions where to put this treasured box.
And although this may seem to give you more room, DON'T DO IT!!! Pack the larger and heavier boxes and furniture on the floor of the truck.

Be safe when driving as you have all your belongings and your life in the truck. Literally. And remember to keep the speed limit as you will never know when the police stop you and look into your truck (stepping on that coffee pot you packed very last) for any illegal aliens. Yes, this did happen to me and No, there was no room in the truck for anything else, let alone any people!

Then when you have unpacked the truck and every box is inside safely, I would advise getting a bite to eat out. Just look and see that all the utensils and kitchen stuff are boxed underneath all those boxes stacked in the empty space in the corner. Or plan ahead and do it in style!
  And try to have fun, breath deeply, and let go of the stress!  I hope you kids have a great and easy move. Can't wait for you to get here!

P.S. The kids arrived in good time and were exhausted, but well and safe! Thanks to God!

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