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DIY Jewelry Holders

This post was done down in the "White" blog this month, but I had some requests to do it as a separate blog so it was easier to find.

Jewelry Holders DIY from Beautiful Photos... It's All White   Trackback link for this blog. Photo credits to Whippycake.com

An old door fashions as a Jewelry display for your collection.(photo by WhippyCake)
Photos from WhippyCake
 Milk glass vases hold bracelets & Bangles.
Milk glass vases in all shapes and sizes.

A to hang the necklaces from, keeps them untangled and ready to use!
 And this is the before photo. I, personally, like both, but the white is the direction I am going with for now.
(photo by Whippycake)

(photos from www.whippycake.com) Frame & wire painted white for pop to the earring collection

Framed wire painted white & white containers for earrings.
I wanted to have a Jewelry Holder in my Guest Room and thought this was more appropriate for my bedroom and went out searching for another DIY Jewelry Holder that would be smaller.
I came across quite a few great ideas and easy tutorials. I have included some of my favorites.

"A Time For Everything"

From wooden trays to hanging jewelry 


Photos from "A Time For Everything" Blog

This adorable idea came from Melissa of "A Time For Everything" LINK*.

Melissa took trays and little boxes, hooks, old wooden bobbins and woven fabric to make these adorable Jewelry Organizers! Love them!
Fashion Diva    LINK
Here is a great use for an old rake turned into a Jewelry Holder.
  Tying twine for earrings at the middle makes this even more rustic!

Sand the teeth on the rake before putting on jewelry

Found on steampunk.burn.at
 I love these ideas and just know I will make one or more of them for each guest room and my room.
The Frame Idea with lace I had seen years ago and was surprised to find it is still popular! Very Pretty!

DIY Jewelry Holder


These Ideas are so diverse. The black and white jewelry holder is made with a frame and scrapbook paper. Thee one on the Right is made with knobs & drawer pulls. The one below shows off collections in individual frames! Love these ideas!

I love the look of a framed collection! Thanks for the tip from Fashion Diva Design

I hope you enjoyed this blog on Jewelry Holders. And check out the links for more information on each jewelry holder. All of these looks are fabulous! I hope you find one you'd like to try. If you do, let me know and I will post up a photo of your creative jewelry holder in this blog. 

Enjoy & Blessings to You,


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