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Black, White & Grey Fall Street Fashion 2014

Fall fashion is everywhere.
Carlos Campos Fall/Winter 2014

 But it's not the muted colors of Fall in the clothes this year, it's Black & White. Fashion for men and for women, both. As shown above, slim tight legs and comfortable shirts, sweatshirts, coats with some accents in silver. Men's fashion has always been a curiosity for me as I love the look of a crisp suit and Jeans with white t-shirt. The Carlos Campos line for Fall reflects the late 80's pop culture look mixed with today's II Divo's crisp classic style. A nice look for the men.








Il Divo -Male Singing Group

A neat look for the men and yet can be added to the jeans and jacked look for fall. 

stylin' n' profilin' on Pinterest

 Skinny jeans, Jacket & shirt for the men.

Women's Fashion is always fun and interesting.

 New York Fashion for Fall 2014

As for women's fashion this Fall, I have seen Black, White and Grey with the accessories in bold colors to add interest. 

FW 2014 Womens collection The Must Buys

Skirts, dresses, slacks, tops, jackets, shoes in black, greys, white & taupe. New York on the street fashion trends are just the same. Sensible but stylish, women's fashion is comprised of many trends that mimic years gone by.  And it seems that the jungle prints never go out of style~
Enjoy & Blessings to You!


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