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Beautiful Photos... It's All White


We'd lived in a place where each room was painted different tones of tan, taupe, beige, sage green & "Hawk" which was a gorgeous color of deep grey mixed with brown & taupe. Loved the colors, but the new home is white and I am leaving the walls alone this time. 

White Mums for Fall
White is a pure color that looks incredibly stylish in any style of home. I've come up with a bit on white as my backdrop in the new house. With white walls, the colors in the room can come alive. In the living room, I  have gone a bit Tuscany with arches, plants, natural elements and many framed photos and art. And clocks!
Dining with white, silver, crystal & simplicity
 Having such a selection to view online, in stores and at home, I decided on the silver rimmed set.
White linens, silver tea & coffee set for afternoon tea. Perfectly simple and elegant.
A timeless quality that makes it an ideal kitchen accent for any season. Use it when guests are over, but leave it on display when they're not.
fall winter
White works just as well for winter as it does for warmer temperatures. The soft tones work equally well for winter and as you transition into warmer weather. Keep the bed, but add an upholstered headboard to create softness in the room.
This is leather, but any white sturdy fabric will do for a head board.
Adding a bench at the foot of the bed in a durable, patterned fabric. This would add a place to sit and put on your shoes or set a suitcase on. Functional pieces are must-haves. An accent chair with a side table by the dresser or windows would be lovely and functional as well. Place baskets in your closet for laundry and dry cleaning.
All white works well and is Chic looking.
 Cheap chic furniture, being an interior planning design, was initially acknowledged the late-80s. Incorporate some accent pattern and color with accent pillows (The first living room photo above is not cheap furniture, but an example). Using slip-covers is an inexpensive way to temporarily change the look of your furnishings without the expense of new furniture.
I got this chair, USED, from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $7.50 (very good condition only needed little cleaning). The pillow bottom had to be flipped is all, no wear or tear. Best Deal we have EVER found! Better than Salvation Army or Goodwill prices. On this day the original price was $15.00, we got it on a "blue tag" day for 50% off!! So keep your eyes open for a good deal at a HH ReStore!
An old door fashions as a Jewelry display for your collection.(photo by WhippyCake)
Photos from WhippyCake
 Milk glass vases hold bracelets & Bangles.
Milk glass vases in all shapes and sizes.

A to hang the necklaces from, keeps them untangled and ready to use!
 And this is the before photo. I, personally, like both, but the white is the direction I am going with for now.
(photo by Whippycake)
(photos from Frame & wire painted white for pop to the earring collection

Framed wire painted white & white containers for earrings.

Thanks for coming along on my "White" journey! I am excited to start styling and completing the look for the new house. Cozy not clinical. I'll post photos when done with each element.

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