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how to Wear Your Hermes Scarf?

  A cool style page I had a couple of years ago and thought it needed an update :)  CJ

Gemstones by D.Sign: 16 ways to tell you how to Wear Your Hermes Scarf?...: 16 ways to tell you how to Wear Your Hermes Scarf? by shoeswithredsoles on


Dooley Noted Style: how to wear a scarf

1000 x


Jodie's Closet by Jodie Aboud: How to wear a Scarf!

 and then there is

Beautifully Fierce!: How To Wear A Scarf.

and then the last one for this article, but I am sure I will have more ideas and some from the web. Scarves are so in now and they go with almost any style! 


From : How To Wear A Scarf In Summer From Forever 21 [VIDEO] « eZeLiving

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So this Season, either Winter or Summer, grab a scarf and ad a bit of fun flair to your Style!
Enjoy, CJD.Sign 

UPDATE: September 14, 2004

From : 25 ways to wear a scarf   

Video on Video by Wendy’s Lookbook

Just an update video that is instructive and doable! 

For more great ideas, go to  and

 Wendy’s Lookbook !

 Have Fun! Happy Autumn Everyone!


  1. Had to add this gorgeous look from Stylin with YemmyMade. check out this blog post for YemmyMade outfit with scarf. Got the global look! CJD.Sign


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