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EZ Ryder Metals Jewelry

 I have noticed Hardware Jewelry is getting sophisticated as a fashionable and rugged look for women & men. Metal hardware jewelry designs are coming in some very interesting shapes and styles. I have created my style called "EZ Ryder Metals" and they are fun! I started this line of fun and edgy jewelry back in Pagosa Springs, CO in 2011 when I changed the official name from Easy Rider Jewelry, using metal parts & pieces to wrap, plait and attach together with other metals, leather & neoprene.  Take a look at my "EZ Ryder Metals Jewelry and see if they inspire You!  Affordable priced! Examples below and more on the website!
More on the Custom Gem Cutter Website  click link
 I have worn these with jeans and sweaters and also with denim shirts. They are quite the conversation piece and I am often stopped and asked what they are exactly. Very cool and the teenagers go nuts for them.
A great gift for that teen/guy/gal who you don't know what to buy for. 

These pieces come in 3 pin and 3&2 pin. I
 have made one set with a matching small bracelet.
  I do have a few sets of matching earrings and the pins are small
 single pieces wire wrapped as well. Fun and Edgy!
Below are a few of the pieces in this EZ-Ryder Collection!

Turquoise Cross Cotter Pins
Copper Coils

Mixed Metals
3 Pins

5 Pins

MOP Leather
 Thank you for looking!
These will be listed the first week of February.
Come in and take a look around!

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