Prayers for Healing Update

Prayers for Healing

(Prayers for Healing UPDATES)

Hello Dear Ones,

When a believing person prays, great things happen. (James 5:16b NCV)
 I've been giving thought to how to go about our prayer chain. I have decided to do an ongoing prayer post with updates and with Praises as they come in!

If you would like to be on this list, or if you would like me to post a prayer for you, please just let me know in the comments below in the Subject line put "Prayer Request", add the first name and last initial, prayer request and I will add it asap. I remove the info from the comments, so you will not see it below, but on this list here when I am done.

It has been said to me many times that, " if we don't know what to pray for, be it huge or small, we don't recieve the blessing that prayer will give the person who needs the prayer and the person praying". Please keep posing the prayer requests. All personal information is kept private.

We pray to you Lord Jesus Christ to do your will in the lives of your children. We pray for comfort in pain, strength in healing and blessings through struggles. We lift up these Dear Ones on this list to you. We ask for guidance, knowledge, comfort and Spiritual Healing.

Prayers of Safety
Please pray for those in need of safety during and after Natural Disasters. God, we lift up those who are dealing with the natural disasters in this world. Keep them safe and free from all harm. Let them rebuild their lives on faith in Jesus Christ. Be with those who are hurting, in danger, scared, homeless, and in need of assistance. Be with them and let them know You are near. 
~ Amen

We pray for those who are traveling that they have your protection and guidance. May they be a blessing to those around them while they are away. May they be safe to and from their journey.   ~Amen

We lift up:

 All our school children & adult students & teachers

We thank you for the opportunity
to begin this new school year,
and we ask that you bless
the students, faculty, and student families
that make up our schools.
We pray that you will guide us in your ways,
so that we will seek your will
in everything that we do,
and love others as you love us.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

 Wayne L., who works in a dangerous job where he has to stay and run the plant under forced evacuations, gas leaks, unhelpful workers, and works long hours/weeks. Please pray for his safety. Pray for him and his family too as they try to work him into a better, safer job.

Jim W. & Matt D., who are struggling with uncooperative business people. That their business practice will remain strong and this new business be an opportunity to spread God's word and the love of Jesus Christ.

Glenn & Holly, who are looking to relocate.
Susan, who has family forgiveness issues. Pray also for her mother & brother as she deals with past issues with them.

Nancy H, who has family & friend forgiveness issues. Thank You LORD for working in her life! We continue to pray.

Dare A, guidance, and support in personal endeavors, and getting his Master's Degree in Co.

Lauriee, who is being stalked by a neighbor. Safety & peace of mind.

Robyn, who struggles with health issues & tenants where she resides.

Mary R, who struggles with dementia & for her care givers.  
   Healing Prayers
We lift up:

  Charles T., who has throat cancer and has difficulty breathing, swallowing & eating. We pray for healing and relief.

who has an infection in her knee, in the knee replacement that was put in 10 years ago. She asks for the healing of the infection and repair of the cause.

Luejean W., who needs prayer for severe back pain, numbness in legs, feet and one arm. Pray for the spine specialist who is seeing her to find the problem. Also for her family who hasn't been the best support system.

Little Emy, who continues to receive treatments at the hospital for her growth and heart.

Deb V., who is having catheter surgery and heart tubes, and is on the waiting list for a transplant.

Terry C. who fell and broke her hip and is now healing correctly after she has had her second hip surgery and is now recovering much better. Please continue to pray for her healing success. 

Aletta P., who is ill from allergies.

Susan A., who is dealing with sight issues, health issues, & safety issues. Pray for her and her family as she deals with past hurts.

 Pat, who is due to have a hip replacement and is struggling with the loss of her husband and a new move.
Bob K, who awoke from a 22-day coma, still struggling with severe weight loss & illness.

Brian D. is in the hospital with renal failure and on permanent dialysis.

Ella L. who is dealing with severe and debilitating back pain.

Diane C's Dad, who had a bad fall, hitting his head, while alone at home. He is undergoing testing.

Evelyn C. who is dealing with severe neck pain.

Dianne B. recovering from a  lumpectomy and radiation for Breast Cancer.

Sarah, who is suffering from severe depression and allergies. Also, she is dealing with horrible pain.

Matt D. who is suffering from severe arthritis in his fingers & hands, shoulders and ankles, foot. Who also suffers from depression. He asks to pray for his business.

Karen R. who is struggling with depression, auto mechanical troubles, and hip pain issues.

George R. who is recovering from facial burns due to smoking with his oxygen. Prayers for healing and that he quits smoking.

Nancy H. who deals with depressive anger issues, severe health issues and that she continues doing physical therapy to help with her physical health issues.

  Kalila who is being heavily treated with Cancer Therapy for radical cancer in her body. Strengthen her bones, blood and endurance.

Dot T., who recovered from one shoulder surgery, is scheduled for the other shoulder surgery and for both knees surgery.

 Wes H.,  who is now seeking surgery for his severe back issues. It has been a long hard struggle, we pray for healing and peace with the decisions and surgery.

"Little Champ" who is only 2 years old and receiving Cancer Treatments. We pray for radical healing.

 Don who is dealing with a stroke in his eye. Please pray God's Will be done.

 Gwen L is asking prayers for her sister Joyce who was rushed to a Flagstaff, AZ hospital for emergency surgery for a blood clot.

 Dot D. having heart issues.

 Misty who is awaiting several surgeries.

 Patty’s New granddaughter that she continues to thrive!

Ella L. who had a biopsy; awaiting results and is now having severe back pain.

CJ P.  who travels to Denver for medical treatments, surgery, and for his children who are struggling to hold the family together.

 CJ D. who struggles daily with chronic pain issues and migraines with neck & back pain and has a horrible knee break, tendon tears & ACL tear & meniscus tears. Continuing pool therapy and awaiting knee surgery.

Please pray for healing of a sinus/facial infection that has been ongoing for a year and now has effected teeth, ears and brought on more headaches

 Clara V. who is having liver troubles. She is at home now, still in need of Recovery Prayers.

Angela is fighting recurring cancer again & prayers to bring her family back together.

Larry D. who has stage IV Pancreas Cancer and is in treatments. UPDATE* the numbers are coming down and spots are no longer visible in some areas!  Praise GOD!
Pray he resumes his constant treatments.

Sandy H. who has stage 1V Reoccurring Breast Cancer.

Rhonda K. who struggles with chronic back pain and pressures at work. She also needs prayer for internal body healing to help her eat.

 Caroline A. also struggles with chronic back issues & pain.

Silvana who is recovering and near 75% back to normal!! Praise God! And she still needs prayers for recovery.

We ask for your healing in all these peoples lives; these and those unspoken. We praise You for the healing you are doing. We thank You, Lord, for loving us so much that You gave Your Only Son to die for our sins. We ask in Jesus name these prayers turn into praises. Thank You Father God. Amen.

"So then, don't worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For after all these things the peoples of the world seek.  And your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will also be provided."

                                   —  Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:31-33
Prayers for Widows & Widowers & Families
 May they find comfort in their grieving knowing their loved one is in God's hands. "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4

We lift up:

 Lynn who lost his son, Andrew, to a long and hard battle with cancer.
Aggie, who went home to the LORD. Pray for the family.
Ella L. whose mom went home to the LORD Jesus.

Joan S., whose husband, D came home to the LORD this week, March 26th, 2017.

Charlotte, whose husband came home to Jesus after terminal cancer. 
Dianne C., whose Dad went home to Jesus. He is no longer struggling. He is meeting Jesus face to face!

Monie H., whose son passed from this life Feb. 2017 after a long struggle with health. Be with her as she mourns the loss of Steve.

Dot T., whose husband Fred, Pastor & War Vet was called home to the LORD Jesus February 2017. Give her strength to continue to call on you Lord for all her needs.

Pat, whose husband went home to the LORD in December 2016.

Silvia P. went home to the LORD. Please be praying for the family during their time of grief. 

 Henrietta T. who's husband went home to be with Jesus.  Keep the rest of the family also in prayer, during this time.

 Evelyn K. who's husband went home to be with Jesus.

We come to your LORD and lift up these grieving people to you. We know that they need You in their hours of need. They look to You for the guidance of things to come and strength to take one day at a time. The challenges they face will not be without You LORD. We thank You for your grace, comfort, and support. In Jesus Name. Amen 

 What a joy it is to move people from the top list or prayers for healing to the Praise List!! YEAH GOD!! We give you thanks and praise for your glorious work and miracles! Thank You, Jesus Christ!

Gary's arm and hand pain have gotten better! Praise You Jesus!
~Ashley M, who accepted Christ as her LORD & Savior and was Baptized in  August! Praise to God!

Alex S. who had back surgery and is recovering. Prais You LORD!
 ~CJ D. who has dealt with heart issues, 3 heart attacks, heart scaring, a mytrovaulve prolapse, and enlarged heat has been blessed with a Miracle! NO Scaring, no evidence of heart attacks, no prolapse, or enlarged heart! Praises to the LORD God who is our healing Father!!
~Wes H. who has had great success working with a chiropractor for healing pain relief. Praises to God!!!
~ Ade O., for guidance and marital issues. A young mom of 2.Her Husband is home from overseas and working on their marriage!
Praises to God!!!
~Phil C.  the Dr. says he no longer has cancer! Praises to God!!! He and his wife have make a move to be closer to their family.
~CJD. New cream meds are working!! Praise GOD!!
~Jessica K. healing from shoulder surgery. Doing better! Healed Praise GOD!!
~Cathy M. who is awaiting more Foot Surgery.  UPDATE* No surgery, but cast for 6 weeks Praise GOD!!
~Trevor D. who is recovered from a sliced finger. Healed Praise GOD!!
 ~Caroline who is recovered from a sliced thumb dealing with severe pain and slow healing Healed Praise GOD!!
  ~Dana Lynn M. who has recovered from Brain Surgery. Healed Praise be GOD!!
~ Janet's house sold! And she will be moving closer to her children and grandchildren.
~GREAT Vacation Bible School attendances and newly SAVED children of God!!! Praises to God on High!

May God be with you always, CJD.Sign


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