Banana Peel Fertilizer Tea ~ Update!

Hi Sweet Friends,
It's Spring Time and at our place it is a busy time! We have the two new Sister Chicks outside and running everywhere! They are doing wonderfully.

The Gardens are comig along nicely and the new hoop house is up and getting filled with all sorts of plants, in all stages of growth.
Today the house plants all got a dose of new potting soil, a good spraying of water, to take off any dust from Winter, and a shot of organic fertelizer.

So, today I'm showing you how to make BANANA PEEL "Fertilizer" TEA to fortify your house plants and garden. This is particularly important in areas where the salt level of the soil and water is high. This is a problem in my area of Colorado.

Day 1
 The potassium from the banana peel tea will help counteract the salt levels in the soils and water. Banana peels are packed with Phosphorous, Potassium, and Calcium with a host of micro-nutrients, so they are sure to work magic on any plants you fertilize with this banana tea.

 This tea, coupled with a source of nitrogen like cow-dung manure,  forms an almost complete food for the soil. When finished with the peels, bury them in the garden about 5" to 6"deep. After a few days, plant seeds or established plants as you normally would in the garden.

You'll Need:
  •  A glass jar; I have used a mason jar (a glass jar, like pickles come   in is just fine).
  • A lid with holes; I used a bean sprouts growing lid from a seed catalog.(a piece of cheese cloth & rubbband, lid with holes, aluminum foil with holes & rubber band, will do fine) 
  • Banana Skins; two or three fit well in my jar.
  • Water; enough to cover.
Make sure the jar and lid are clean.

1. Place banana peels into a jar and cover with water. 
Sprouter Mason Jar lid

2. Place a cloth and rubber band, or a jar lid with holes in the lid.

3. Let set for 2 to 3 days. The water will become a bit murky.

4. Strain out liquid and put straight onto the soil. 

5. For the leaves, put strained liquid into a spray bottle with the same amount of water, 50/50 mix. Spray on leaves.

6. Bury the leftover banana peels in the garden, like mentioned before, or in the compost, or let the chickens peck at them!
My plants look great!

With the garden, I just save the strained water in a large bucket with lid. I found one at the store that works just great for this. I save a weeks worth of banana skins in water and add extra water to thin it out for a top spray. I fill the fertilizer sprayer with the mix and spray on the leaves. 
We used the Banana Peel Tea before transplanting and there was absolutely no sign of Shock to the plants.
No droop and no wilting!

Jade plant in 2016 (I almost killed this one too!)
The house plants are enjoying their once a month boost and the Jade plant has many new little plump leaves. 

We also make Willow Water to help with plant shock when transplanting. I'll post those directions up shortly!
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