Hi There!

Beautiful Valentines for You!

 Hi Sweet Friends,
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Here are a few of the Valentine Cards I made this year! I used this adorable Cupid Antique Valentine and printed it on a minella colored card stock. I did have to adjust the print a bit, but nothing too hard. 

I then used colored pencils to get the look I wanted. Shading and Tracing adds depth and the two cards differ in the bow & feather,  berries and the inside edge of the heart . I put a sweet sentiment on the back of each card and popped them off in the mail. Easy Peasy!

Here is the image from The Graphic's Fairy that I used in this quick project.
 Again, Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Take a moment out to enjoy the day, even if it is just you, grab a good book, a box of candy and get a bouquet of flowers to brighten your space!


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