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21 Things Frugal People Don't Do ~ Living On Fifty

Hi Sweet Friends!
You know how I love coming across those awesome blog posts from fellow bloggers? Well, this one from Gretchen Lindow of Living On Fifty, really blew me away. I really mean it! We are doing many of these things on her list, but there were even more that we weren't and now are! 

I love saving money! Who doesn't? 
So, what are you waiting for? Click her link HERE and find out what you can do to save EVEN More money! 

One of the items that Gretchen listed is Thrive Market.
An Organic Whole-sale Company that is cheaper than Cosco, Amazon, or the local Grocery!
Check it out HERE...WE are members and love the food and the savings!

Yes, this excites me and it will excite you too with all the savings you can sock away more for your Christmas or Travel Fund! Great incentive right?


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