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Pressing Grapes With A Wear Ever Hand Juicer

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Great cool & crisp day to be making jam & jelly. Today, I'll show you how to use a hand press for your grapes. The hand press I am using is from the 1930's and is an Aluminum Hand Press.
 Wear-Ever Aluminum Fruit Press Juicer 1930s TACUCO Trademark

 Place the fruit or cooked vegetables in this part of the juicer.
 This is the strainer part of the press. This part is removable and easy to wash.
 This is the view inside without the strainer press part in place.
 I found that this small Cocktail Sauce jar worked very well to catch the grape juice.
 White fresh locally grown grapes. Rinse all fruit and vegetables to be sure they are free of dirt & bugs.

 Place the jar underneath the spout and place the fruit or vegetables into the press.
 Slowly press down the bar that will be pressing the juice from the fruit or the cooked vegetables.
 The pressed skin & seeds are easy to removed with the strainer.
 Repeat the process until the desired amount has been pressed. Here I needed 2 Cups of juice for the jam I was making.
Here is a photo of the pulp & seeds, the juice & lemons. I give all the fruit pulp to the chickens. They love the treat!
Of course you can use an electric juicer, And I do have one of those also. However, there is something to be said about the quality of juice that you can get from using a hand juicer. This type of juicer is good for fruit with thin skin, citrus, and precooked vegetables.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to hand juice with this 1930 year old juice press!

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