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Happy Labor Day!

Hi Friends! Happy Labor Day!
Labor Day is a day that we mark the End of Summer! And well, we like to have a picnic, enjoy some end of the summer gardening, harvesting and plant removal, and take a drive up in the mountains.

Today, I harvested some Borage for a sore throat remedy tea, Curly Parsley for flavor for about everything I cook!! Garlic Cloves that I will dry for use all Winter long, and my Flax Seeds for optimal health, as they contain great vitamins & minerals (see the back link below for Flax Seeds).
Here are a few photos of my harvest.

 Fresh Borage Leaves are great for a sore throat syrup. I use this recipe from Five Remedies - Cough Home Remedies  LINK
 After I make this Borage Cough Syrup, I put it in a clean glass mason type jar with lid and keep it in the refrigerator. I keep it all winter long and make new for the Spring season when the leaves are fresh again. I start my Borage from seed that I gather in the Fall.

 And the Garlic can be made into a Cough Syrup too! This is on the same link above from Five Remedies.   LINK
This is my first Garlic Harvest for 2016 and it was bigger than I had hoped for. 
 And the Parsley is also good for coughs, colds and sweet smelling breath! And after eating this yummy garlic, it is just what hubby likes! The parsley varieties I grew this year were Curly & Italian Flat. I started the Flat from seed and the Curly from a starter "Bonnie Plants" variety purchased at my local Garden Center. You can look up Bonnie for more information and locations where they are sold in your area.

The parsley did really well in the herb garden and out by the back hose. It seems to enjoy moist soil out here in the dry areas of Colorado.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about some of my Labor Day Harvest! Plan your garden for next year including some of these fantastic plants! And Enjoy!

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