Hi There!

Back On Track!

HI Friends!
I did my weigh in on Monday and have dropped all that weight I gained!!! YEAH!!!
I ate correctly at Golden Coral and did my walking around at the park with the Grandbabies!! A great way to burn off calories and get your mind off your pain, I'd say!!
And who doesn't love being outside with nature; even just the front yard! Fresh air, cool breeze, the glorious smell of flowers. Wow, I sound like I'm high, but I'm not! LOL
One of my goals was to be able to play with my Grandbabies and that cane true on Sunday. I did have to medicate all day with the morphine, but that is ok for the day. My heart was so full of thankful joy and love! I have photos, movies and great memories that will keep me going on my rough days now!! Thank you my children for your generosity in sharing your beautiful children with me!! I love you!!
God's blessings are evident every day, we just need to stop and look around us!
God Bless you today and everyday!

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