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Seedlings for the Garden ~ Friday Food

Hi Friends!
It's planting time again!
We are starting our seedlings indoors now. The temps outside are getting warmer, but in our area of the United States, it can snow up till Father's Day in June! CRAZY!

But we will be putting these seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage & brussel sprouts into the cold box to get a jump start on the garden. Also, the Asian Peas will be direct planted and will do fine with a bit of frost.

It's also time to do a bit of garden clean up. The Herb Garden looks ragged, but that is how it is with a perennial Herb Garden. I put a layer of cut grass and leaves over the garden to protect it from the winter weather. 

I'll rake off the grass and leaves and add it to the garden compost. This will open the herbs up to light and heat for new growth. Some of the herbs are already popping out, but others need encouragement. I have some seeds to gather and dead plants to add to the compost heap.

The back yard Veggie Garden will need a bit of care as well.

The Bean Tee Pee has been moved and cleaned off a bit. The new spot is about 10 feet to the East of this spot. The boxes need to be tilled in; leaves, old plants, compost.  The Strawberries are going to be moved to a more permanent location and I think I'm planting a row of Sunflowers & Zinnias to hid the neighbors ugly fence.
Anyway, it is Spring, the windows are open and the air is so clean! Well, except for the things that are blooming already...*ALLERGIES!*

So for this week we'll be doing yard and garden cleanup, seedling planting & cold weather planting. We will also be fixing the patio furniture for the coming "sitting out doors" seasons!

Will keep updates on how the projects are going! As always, post your comments. Tell us what you are planting this year, now? Or soon to come?

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