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Vintage Styles ~ Beauty Tuesday

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Today we are flashing back in style to some fun fashions, beauty & hair styles. I hope you have fun with this one!  Since Fashion is dictated by the culture of the time, it is interesting to see the neck lines come up and the hemlines come up and down.  Today, we wear what we are comfortable, however, comfort does not always dictate style.

The fashion of the Victorian Era, when Queen Victoria was in rule, the style of keeping all the limbs covered was in fashion. Styles were long and still had corsets and petticoats, hoop slips and big skirts. But remarkably, the chest was not covered up, but enhanced with lace, trimmings and findings.
Source: pulptastic.com

Annette Kellerman Promoted Women’s Right To Wear A Fitted One-piece Bathing Suit, 1907. Though this was a bold move for the time, she was arrested for indecency. 

As the "Roaring 20's" came in, fashion flipped upon it's head.
Styles became shorter, women wore pants and ties. The "Bobbed Hair" became fashionable and dressing for dinner became less formal. Makeup was being used and not just by the actors of the stage or the ladies of the night. And women wore stocking.
Downton Abbey Cast in 1920's Costumes Source
The Second World War brought about even more "ready ware" clothing, as the men were away at war and the woman dressed as they could afford. Stocking were now scarce and being used for the war effort in parachutes. Cotton became more affordable and many women made their own and their families clothing. This was the "Victory Garden" age. Just after the Great Depression.

A famous War Ending photo of a sailor kisses a nurse in Time Square to celebrate the victory of Japan in WW II on August 14, 1945 also known as VJ Day. The fashion became simple due to the depression of the time. 

I read that it was the women on the home front that saved the country from complete depression, by "stepping up to the plate" and taking the, now vacant, factory jobs. Rosie the Riveter became a popular term describing many of the factory women workers. While the men fought for the USA, the women helped bring us out of the Great Depression.
1950's Fashion Dresses.
 In the 50's the shoe heels became thin and the skirts more to the knee or just below. Gloves were still the fashion for going out but were now in a variety of lengths. Hats were still in style.
This popular eye liner, a winged or cat look was popular back in the 50's and eyeliner was first used in the 1920's when makeup became part of the Women's Movements. Originally, eyeliner was used by the Egyptians.
 Here is a link on how to use eyeliner.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner 

winged eyeliner tutorial
Source: Beautylish

The dresses below are just for fun!! I think they are darling and brings the Super Hero's to the little girl's wear! Take a fun tee shirt and add a ruffle to the bottom for an adorable dress!

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