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Tweeds Coat and Outfit ~ What To Wear Wednesday

Tweed Coat


A mix of tweeds make this coat pop! I love the look of relaxed and contemporary tweeds.
 So what is tweed anyway? Well, tweed is a fabric made of many types of course wool and originated in Ireland and Scotland and is still widely used in the United Kingdom.

The Dictionary.com 
1. a coarse wool cloth in a variety of weaves and colors, either hand-spun and handwoven in Scotland or reproduced, often by machine, elsewhere.
2. tweeds, garments made of this cloth.
3. a paper having a rough surface, used especially for certain photographic prints.
 Tweed has been used in fashion for suiting and hunting suits, pants, jackets, caps, hats, shoes and bags. It is a durable cloth in multiple colors that holds up well in the harsh wet weather.
 I hope you learned a bit on tweeds today!


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