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Veil Powder DIY's for your Beauty Tuesday!

 Hi Friends,

Here are some DIY's for your Beauty Tuesday!

The first one  is something I am hoping to try before going out into the Spring Garden. 

* How To Make Non-Toxic Homemade     Sunscreen

*DIY: Mineral Veil Face Powder

I was so excited about the above link from Reese Kristel that I just had to try it. But, I made a bit more than she did and I put it in a larger mason jar to store. I also added "Special Dark" Cocoa Powder in another container for a highlighter (see below this tutorial).



1/2 cup Arrowroot (or corn starch)

1/4 cup Baby Powder (http://www.goodguide.com/products/396814-mom-to-baby-powder-reviews-ratings)

1 Tablespoon Dark Cocoa Powder (add more if you want a darker shade)

Mix together by shaking the container. That's it!! Yes, it is that simple and no other additives or chemicals! (do be careful not to breathe the fine powder in as you apply it)


*DIY: Highlighting Face Powder 

  1/4 Cup cocoa powder

    1 Tablespoon Arrowroot

    1 Tablespoon Baby Powder

Mix together by shaking the container. That's it!

Brush it on your highlight areas and your done!

Beautiful, healthy and it smells good too!

Create a fun top for your mason jar!



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