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My 5 Minute Beauty Routine ~ Tuesday Beauty

5-Minute Beauty Routine

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5-Minute Beauty Routine

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5-Minute Beauty Routine by cjd-sign featuring ELF Cosmetics

In a perfect world, your mornings would include a mask, hair treatment, body exfoliation and the perfect makeup application. But, let's be honest: Most mornings, you barely make it out of the house with a swipe of mascara and dab of concealer.

I have worked up this Polyvore Set to show my 5-Minute Beauty Routine. And I do this under 5 minutes, unless I happen to get something in my eye. 

5-Minute Beauty Routine

What I start with is:

#1 The Concealer. I dab it not wipe it on. I leave it for a min

#2 The face powder. I brush all over my face, except under my eyes. I then use a flat brush to blend the concealer and then cover it with the #3 translucent powder.

#4 Blushes to accent the outfit color tone.

#5 Eye shadows in shades to also compliment the outfit.

#6 The eyelashes are next with a water proof mascara.

#7 The final eye step is the eyeliner or eyelining pen.

 #8 Use a brow pencil to shape and even out the color of your brows.

#9  The Lipstick should match the tone or color of your outfit/accessories. Blending two lip colors is a favorite technique of mine to get the pop of color the outfit may require.

#10 Highlight last and use a bronzer to add dimension to your cheeks and chin, nose and hair line. A very nice touch that helps the make up look complete.

I timed myself and did this look above in just under 5minutes. It is easier to do since I do it most every day. Practice to get yourself timed down. Who wants to spend hours making their make up look natural and beautiful? Play around with the looks you like. Spend more time having fun than playing with makeup!!



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