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Creative Thursdays ~ Creative Organic Cleaning Products

I think that the cleaning products we introduce into our homes and subsequently, into our bodies are quite harmful. I've been wanting to tell this story for many years now, but now is the time to tell it.

When I was pregnant with my second child, a beautiful girl, she had allergies instantly upon my giving birth to her. "My Baby In The Bubble", is what I called her as I had to eliminate all perfume, body sprays & powders, makeup, hair products, deodorant, itchy clothing, soap, lotion, purchased diapers, household cleaners, bleach, dish soaps, potpourri, air freshers, laundry powder/soaps & rinses, pet shampoos, flowers, incense, and the animals. Even being outside made her sick.

 Everything in her environment was basically causing her pain and discomfort, allergic reactions and severe asthma. And this was back in the late 1980's when it was not proper to "make" your own products & cleaners.

That was a challenging time and very frustrating finding t…

What to Wear Wednesday ~ '70's Style

WOW! I'm seeing a lot of '70s Flash Back Fashion this week!

Remember "That '70's Show"? For the younger generations it was a program with kids and parents in the 1970's.

And for us older generation Baby Boomers,
Oh, and how about "The Brady Bunch"? 
with Carol Brady & her Brood! 
And did you "dig" the Partridge Family's Groovy Clothing?

If you are the one who remembered these styles, how do you feel about them coming full circle in stylish fashion again?
For me, I have mixed emotions about the style. I am very happy to see better color combos and less gaudy patterns in the styles today.But for me, this style of clothing brings back too many uneasy memories I'd rather not re-live. For me, I was a child of the 70's, born in the 60's and a Military BRAT,which created struggle in my life with friends & neighbors who were very much into the Hippie and Swingers clothing style . I was not and am still straight laced and happy…

Date Night

A funny conversation came.up this week about date night and I thought I'd share it with you. This is also on "He Said And She Said" Blog.

It all started when "StepSon" said, "We are heading to (friend's) house for a while."
I said, "Hey, don't forget about 'Date Night'!"
And I got a strange look from StepSon & DaughterInLaw2.
I said, "You know, 'Date Night'. It's where you go to dinner and an activity, like bowling or a movie?"

Well, that is what I called 'Date Night', until I reached "Grandma Hood".
After the 'Young Ones' left for the evening, hubby and I discussed 'Date Night' to which we both agreed that Old Fogie's like us just like to have a "Homey" 'Date Night'. This consists of watching a movie on Net Flix, Amazon, Hulu or YouTube, eating junk food the Dr.'s have banned, cozy in our jammies and drinking a cup of Hot Coco!

Yeah! We bo…

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is observed onMonday, May 25, 2015Why do American's celebrate this day?
   The Celebration of Memorial Day started after the Civil War when many families decorated graves of their dead family members. It started back in 1865 and originally called Decoration Day. The tradition still stands today where the American Flag is flown for support and remembrance of all those who have lost their lives for America. Memorial Day is an honorable day to reflect and give thanks for those brave souls. It is important to remember, reflect, and give thanks.

What does this day mean to Americans?
    It is a Special Day to give honor and memory to those who have fallen in battle to keep America Free. It is the opposite of Veteran's Day as that is a Celebration of those who lived through the atrocities of war. Memorial Day is a day of reflection and thanks for those who gave their lives for this United States of America at home and abroad.
Want do American's do on Memorial Day?

Natural Beauty Treatments DIY

I love making my own beauty recipes! I have found my favorites and shared them here with you today!  They are my personal favorites (disclaimer: I take no claim or responsibility for the information shared on this blog or the blogs I am linking to.) and I hope you will try out a few. For me, it is reassuring to know that my ingredients are fresh, healthy, and pesticide free. And who knew about all the unhealthy things that might be lurking in my cosmetics and beauty supplies, I sure didn't.

  My first favorite is the Teeth Whitener that I found on Pinterest (LINK) where two house hold ingredients make a natural tooth whitener (I use it once a week so to not destroy my tooth enamel).
Ingredients: 1 lemon juiced & 1 tsp baking soda mixed together and applied with a q-tip.

My next favorite is a Bath Sachet. This recipe is from my Grandmother who used it to relax at night. 
1 Tablespoon of dried each OR 1 fresh sprig of each of the following:
Rosemary, Mint & Thyme 
Place it in a h…

Hang Massive Music Drum Duo

Hang Massive is a Pan Drum group of two hang players, Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson. I love these guys! They have such great tone and rhythm! It really resonates the soul!
Awesome & Soul rewarding!Shared on Google+ ·
"Music and videos of Hang playing duo Hang Massive." check out their videos & music on YouTube here:  And don't forget to Subscribe! 

"Check out this (latest) great video from our recent performance in Goa with Cian Finn. Loads more to come soon!"  HangMassive
Latest Video LINK:

Hang Massive Website:

The Hang"The Hang is a new instrument with a unique sound, first produced in the year 2000 by PanArt – Swiss musicians devoted to creating an evolutionary leap of the Steel Pan. Hand-made, the Hang is one of the newest musical instruments in the World. Only a small number of these instrume…

Hang Massive & Cian Finn - Live @ Vasundhara Festival 2015

This is the AWESOME Group "Hang Massive"! ENJOY!

This video link below should take you  right to the music performance.
If not...
Here is the link to cut and paste:

Take time to enjoy the music. More from Hang Massive on their You Tube Channel!

Enjoy Your Week Ahead!
Blessings & Peace Be With You!

Early Spring Veggies ~ Agricultrual Extension Services

Good Monday Morning Everyone!I'd like to chat about some of those common questions about gardening. I often read different views on gardening and since I have had gardens in the East, West, North & South, I feel I have a bit of insight that may help. 

So the first thing is:

What are the first vegetables you can plant in Spring?
Well, check first with your local Agricultural Extension Service as they would have the correct information for your area or region. You can find their number in the phone book or online through a search listing "Agricultural Extension Service (Your State)"; I would put Colorado.

The Agricultural Extension Service for Colorado is:
Some of the topics are Yard & Garden, Home & Family, Water, Agriculture, Insects, etc. 

Since I want information on Gardening, let's try Yard & Garden.
  Under "Hot Topics" I found the subject, "Planning a Vegetable Garden". *Remember yours will be different…

Organic Gardening DIY

If you have never before grown your own vegetables, I hope this blog will be the one that encourages you to do so!

First I wanted to blog about the fresh taste and glorious satisfaction one gets from growing their own food.
There is just something so wonderful in eating foods that you have raised yourself. And when you grow those foods using organic methods, then there is satisfaction in knowing that you family is getting the healthiest diet you can grow them.
When you start your garden, make a list of the foods you and your family eat most. Hopefully, you aren't adding to your list such things as, growing bacon or hamburger, as a sign down town jokingly suggested last Summer!
 But what vegetables don your table? Are you a veggie lover? Do you want to try new types of veggies that you can't get in you local market? Or do you just want a window Herb Garden to enhance the flavors in your cooking?
 Write your answers down as a guide for your specific garden needs.
The next thing to co…

Computer Failure Immobilizes

Hi Everyone! I had to blog about this HUGE thing...
When your computer fails and you are totally immobilized! How does one continue on the tablet when it has crashed out of one's pocket onto the Wall-Mart parking lot (not shutting off...ever) then a second time it jumps  out of my back pocket(turns white only!) and then...yes, I had to let it run out of battery power to just shut off.
But that is not all, it comes on at 6 am to wake me up, it  had not totally shutdown by this time and blared like a siren for 10 minutes as I frantically tried every button to cut the noise; then it finally died. Quiet and Black. 

Now, you say, use another tablet, right? Well, I tried that after coming back home and we had to reset the "Factory" status of the second tablet, only to have it continue to shut off when,ever it wants to. And it does this at the most inopportune times, like, on an important chat. Or, here's a good one, placing an order online. Or, yet another one, typing out a …