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CJ's Gift Guide for 2015

Gift Guide for The New Homeowner

 a Cold Climate Survival gift basket is definitely the way to go! Fill a tote with lots of soft plush items…Like warm blankets, snugly pillow cases with cute designs and thermal sheets, like the ones featured above. Oh and don't forget the throw blankets or some plush throw pillows plus some candles in case the electricity goes out, or just to add the ambiance of warmth.  These are always a welcome gift on cold nights!
Gjift Guide for The Cook

And what about that Home Chef? Some nifty kitchen gadgets, an apron, crock-pot, or fondue maker are just the things a Cook would appreciate! Add a set of pot holders or towels to match their kitchen decor or how about a cool set of handmade serving spoons made from exotic wood? For the Home Chef in your life, a apron is always a hit. How about one with a cute design or funny saying?  
Gift Guide for The Newlyweds

And those Newlyweds who have a knack for entertaining, how about some fun stemware with a nice bottle of wine, Godiva Chocolates & fresh fruit, Copper bottom cookware, utensels, or something Mr &  Mrs for the wall? Here are some fun ideas for the Newlyweds in your life!

Gift Guide for The Fashionista

So here are a few ideas to get you started on your Holliday/Event shopping list!
Blessings to you all!

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