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What To Wear Wednesday ~ Stormy Weather Pantone Fall 2015

2015 Pantone Color ~ Stormy Weather

2015 Pantone Color ~ Stormy Weather by cjd-sign featuring Stormy Weather Pantone Color Fall 2015

Hi Everyone, 
I just love this color! It is a bit smokey and a bit blue and is such a subtle shade that Girls & Guys alike can wear it! Think of that Blue Grey "Stormy Weather" of late Fall early Winter. Well, that's the color, which sounds a bit gloomy, yet it’s anything but dreary.
Pantone Stormy Weather-Wedding Inspiration for a Southbound-Bride
The beautiful Susan Boyle and her amazing voice. Just a treat for you on this beautiful day!
Have fun with Stormy Weather!
I am wearing the Black Onyx Tassel Necklace with gold accent beads & matching earrings.

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