6 Repurposed Picture Frames and More Ideas!

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Good Day Everyone!
I have picked up some old picture frames of varying sizes and shapes and wanted to do some DIY ideas with them. Here are a few of the options I have chosen and hope to tackle shortly!

(Photo coming soon!) Above photo frame, wire attached in lines across the back of the frame, secure with tiny eye screws. Attach your photos with close-pins. Very simple idea!

  Here's an idea from    kandeej.com/
DIY Magnetic Picture frame add magnetic dots or strips onto items and use a metal back board for your frame. Spray paint your frame to match your decor! Very clever!

Here is a great idea for your jewelry! I Can Find The Time Blog uses a wooden framed jewelry holder fashioned with a large piece of plastic canvas to hold your earrings, bracelets, and add some pegs for your necklaces. This one is a must do! 
Picture Hanging Ideas
Here is a clever way to hang several "pictures" with multi frames, unique items and sayings for a special wall mural. From Bloombetty.com 
 I've found so very many ideas for using my old photo frames and I hope you got some ideas here too! And one thing I do with my photos, each season I switch out my photos/prints and put current seasonal prints/photos on top. Meaning, if it is Fall, then I have fall theme photos/prints that are in my frames, but in the same frames, behind the Fall ones, there are Christmas, Spring and Summer photos/prints to change up when the seasons change. It is an easy way to change up your decor and keep the photos/prints clean and crisp for displaying later in the next season! Try it, I think you will like it! 

Here is a neat idea from thefamilyceoblog.com for a memo board that can hang photos, keys, memories, etc.
The link above has many more ideas, so check it out when you are done here!

I hope you have gotten the DIY bug on this one! It is an easy way to repurpose/reuse an old picture frame! Check out the local thrifts and antique shops for photo frames.
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