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Looking at the Bigger Picture

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to tell you about my experience yesterday as  
 I took time to be still, quiet, and observe the small part of the world around me. 
In our rush of life, we rarely take the time to "smell the roses". But also, we have so much going on in our short time of day that we jam pack the hours to make them more time manageable.  This causes me mental and physical burn out and this week it hit me hard.

So I decided to stop doing and start observing.

Here is what happened.
My Service Animal, Raider, found a soft spot in the grass and laid down for a nap. I came along and thought that it looked like a good idea to take a cushion and lay down next to him.
 To my surprise, there were tiny ants running up and down the thick blades of grass. They weren't biting ants, so we were safe, but to lay there watching them was quite amazing.

The ants would go up and down, over and across these blades of grass with ease. We'd not cut the grass for over 2 weeks due to the rains and the grass blades were over 5inches tall.
So these ants would bend down the blades as they traversed them. They would greet other ants and then go on their way. Some of the ants had food they were caring, I assume, back to their homes.
Then I noticed this gorgeous dragon fly. A blend of deep purple, deep blue, medium cornflower blue covered his wings and an even deeper color on his body, head and antenna. This dragonfly flittered around the garden areas like a bug with an agenda. I know that sounds funny, but he was all over the yard in just a matter of minutes.

The next thing we saw birds in the tree branches above us. They chirpingly chatted back and forth about all their birdy business,
and flew away when Raider lifted his head.
It was a nice experience to feel the coolness of the grass under my body, to listen to the songs of the birds and to take a few moments out of this busy day to stop, listen and observe the world around me. It was a wonderful experience, one I'd not enjoyed since my own children were little ones.
So today, sometime this weekend, take time to enjoy this glorious blessing of a world given to us by our Loving Father in Heaven.
And be thankful.

And here is the link to a wonderful story. Bare Foot Homecoming, the full read is on this link below. A feel good story with great hope!
Our Sponsor:  LC Cooper Author Humanitarian
Bare Foot Homecoming

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