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What to Wear Wednesday ~ BAGS!!!!

What to Wear Wednesday ~ Featuring Summer Bags

I love bags!!

 I have certain bags for the Seasons and usually follow along the lines of :
  •  Summer Bags are natural fibers, bright colored and fun.
  • Winter Bags are dark colored, leather, Totes or Messenger Bags. 
  • Spring Bags are colorful, pastel, white or creams and neutrals.  
  • Fall Bags are neutral colors, fall colors, warm and comfy.
Is there a set "Rule" for what bag is taken when?
Well, I typically choose:
  • A casual bag with casual dress clothing.
  • A more dressy or glitzy bag when I am going out on the town.
  •  For church, I usually try to match the outfit  I am wearing.
  • For traveling, a messenger bag can be the ideal bag.
  • A trip to the beach is a good time to choose not only a floppy beach bag, but one with a closure to hold valuables secure.
  • A trip camping is a great time to sport that cute back pack or messenger bag.
  • A road trip bag, for me, is a tote. Perfect to hold things to read and do! 
Hope these ideas help! I know it is sometimes hard to choose the right bag, but just remember, choose the one that will not only do the job, but look good too!
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