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The 1920's Beauty

The Iconic Beauty of the 1920's Glamour, who could resist? The flawless "Doll-like" face and the flashy clothing of the booming night life was the fashion of the time. Men in suits and Fedoras paraded in the latest automobiles. Beauty was not only for the stage and screen, it was for anyone who could afford it. "The Roaring Twenties" as the time was called hosted Flappers, Gangsters, the Stock Market, Politics and Fashion. The things like electricity, indoor plumbing and cars were more available than ever before.

The Dress Code of the day went from the 1900's long skirts, dark clothes, hats and coats to short dresses, "The Flapper" style, makeup and flaunting styles. Above is a beautiful makeup tutorial for the 1920's glamour style. Bold eyes and strong striking lips were in style! Try this one out for yourself. I love it!!
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