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Some funny April Fools Pranks

When I was young, in High School and loved a good joke, I LOVED April Fools Day, the first day of April.

Now that I am older, much older, I just think they are funny as long as NO ONE gets hurt. I ran across these the other day and thought the photo collection was just that, FUNNY!!


P.S. I do not encourage these pranks in the link above, I just think they are funny.
As seen on Pinterest

Have you ever seen the "California's happy cows" Adds? You know the ones. Where the cows talk and some wear accessories? Well, that is a prank on all of us. We all know the meat on our table and the milk in our glass did not come from a cow that spoke or wore a big smile (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/539165386610838781/ ), make pyramids with other cows (above), or carry daisies in their teeth  Right?? LOL  Ck their link for more funny ad photos! The video below is from YouTube and there are more videos like this for your laughing entertainment!

April Fool's Day Origins


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