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Lace and Tea

CJD.Sign Original Necklace from YM and is in a Black Lace Crop Top from Topshop.com
Lace, what is more elegant than a lace top, skirt or dress? 
below is a link to a gorgeous lace tunic from Grace and Lace. It is long sleeved and comes in a selection of colors and sizes.  
(I could not link the photo, but worth it to click the link below! It has terrific reviews too!)

Long Sleeve Crochet Lace Tunic™

How about lace shorts? They are quite popular at the moment! 

Lace accessories? A lace bag? Lace pumps or flats?
 Lace is everywhere in fashion today and why not jump in and take this fashion by storm!

I saw gorgeous lace outfits, gowns & accessories on the Red Carpet by Celebrities already this year and it is a swing over trend from 2014! A quick search shows many lace gowns and dresses on the Red Carpet. LINK
The beautiful Eva Longoria has worn many stunning lace gowns.
What is it about lace that makes one feel so beautiful?

It seems to me that the one who wears lace likes to be lady-like. What I mean by lady-like is that one must use care in the wear of a lace garment or accessories. One must possess a slight knowledge of lace and know it's delicacy. Otherwise, lace can be quickly ruined.

Hot Applique White Lace Cannes Wedding Ball Gown Celebrity Evening Long Dress online for sale! 

(please research more before you buy online from a source.)

Most lace garments are hand wash or dry clean only. Make sure you are willing to make the commitment to the item's care before you purchase it. It is a hard lesson to learn if your expensive lace piece is ruined because of improper washing or harsh care.

Lace & Tea by cjd-sign featuring evening handbags
Lace & Tea

Here is an article I recommend reading!
Article about: The Birthplace of Lace by Wim J. Lauriks, as published in LACE Magazine international #49 Spring 1999. 
A history of Lace spanning Centuries. (I did find it somewhat difficult to read over the lace background, but very informative!)

I hope you enjoyed this Lacy Blog Post! 
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